Path to a Dream


Ancient pathway lit
An echo of time long lost
None come to explore


OMG you found my blog!

Welcome! This is my inaugural post and, although this is supposed to be epic,
1. it’s the morning after Thanksgiving,
2. I have family in town,
3. I’m doing this on my phone, and
4. I’m a blogging noob.
I figure, set the bar low and leave lots of room for improvements.
My plan here is to enlighten and entertain, but not break down the site into a how-to on playing the game we all love. There are plenty of other sites out there that I go to in order to fill the seemingly endless depths of unknowing I carry with me. You should use them too, because one of my self-imposed missions is to point out some of the places and people you may have missed along the way.
Another goal I aim to achieve is to give props to some of the folks whose blogs I follow. These are the peeps who keep WoW interesting for me and who also motivated me to begin the blog. (Yeah, these are the people to blame). These are some really awesome writers/bloggers who have dazzled me with their insights and tickled me with their mirth. Some I have gone so far as to attend raid groups with and have grown to count them among my friends. These are the reasons to keep playing when the lustre of content begins to tarnish and the grind begins to show through.
Another feature I plan to provide (that I’m sure no one else does) is my mediocre attempts at transmogging. Although I usually MOG my max level toons, I have a tendency to not do it on leveling alts due to the cost. Duh!
One other service I plan to provide is samples of my writing, which I take extreme pleasure in inflicting on sharing with you. This may include, but not limited to, short stories, random fiction and poetry Epic Verse!
Finally (yes, I’m almost done) I will include posts about stuff I find interesting and/or funny. I’m really not gonna include items on politics or religion because I want you to like me there’s plenty of other places to find those and I don’t want to feed that beast.
Thank you for stopping by and if you’d like to keep in touch, my info is battletag taikuutta#1889 and email I’m not a creeper and won’t be bugging you a bunch while online. I promise!

Taikuutta’s white transmog

This is Taikuutta’s current MOG. I really like the crispness of the white with the gold trim and blue accents. My only disappointment with this particular set is that the shoulders and belt aren’t truly white, but I haven’t been able to find anything that’s a perfect match. I don’t know if it’s totally appropriate to an arcane Mage, it almost has a holy or discipline priest feel to it, but I really like it. The pieces are:
Head – Moonsoul Crown
Shoulders – Argent Shoulders
Back – Ornate Cloak
Chest – Mooncloth Robe
Hands – Gloves of Unfailing Faith
Waist – Vicious Embersilk Belt
Feet – Sage’s Boots
Weapon – Greatstaff of Righteousness
I didn’t do anything to the wrists or legs since you really can’t see them. All in all I really like the look and can see myself turning back to this one again in the future. What do you think?